#201 Introduction


Welcome to the exhibition ‘Pablo Picasso | Max Beckmann. Man – Myth – World‘. The two artists lived in an eventful period from the late 19th century through the two world wars to the time after 1945. With their art, they continue to shape our view of the first half of the 20th century.

Man – Myth – World: These terms indicate the major issues with which the two artists were concerned. For them, the human being was always at the centre. They extensively explored their surroundings and living environments. And they used legends and myths to understand their own present and express their own experiences.

Picasso and Beckmann were contemporaries. They knew each other's art. However, they probably never met, not even when Beckmann was in Paris. Nevertheless, there are surprising similarities between their works. And sometimes they contradict each other.

You will see this again and again in this exhibition with over 160 artworks, including almost 60 paintings, from the Von der Heydt Museum, the Sprengel Museum in Hanover and other national and international loans. Press continue now or enter the number on the object label of the artwork in the search box.